What is the contribution of Design in a national economy?

OCAD’s president Sara Diamond advocates for a Canadian national design strategy in the Globe and Mail.

Design is essential to Canada’s science and technology strategy, which underlines the needs of markets in the developing and developed world for new inventions that make use of new and sustainable materials, medical technologies, ICT, digital media, and biotechnology. . . . → Read More: What is the contribution of Design in a national economy?

Disciplined dialogues for transformation

Our non-profit dialogic design organization (Institute for 21st Century Agoras) is currently underway with an international dialogue being convened for over the next two weeks with scholars, designers, educators, and activists on the question:

“In the context of Obama’s vision for engaging stakeholders from all walks of life in a bottom-up democracy employing Internet technology, . . . → Read More: Disciplined dialogues for transformation

Opening Space for Community Dialogue

In Dayton, Toronto, and everywhere I’m seeing increased passion for people creating opportunities for community dialogue to enable people facing local concerns in common to exchange and cooperate. In most cases, we see the co-emergence of the need to facilitate occasions for real face-to-face dialogues and to sustain efforts and action by online social networking. . . . → Read More: Opening Space for Community Dialogue

On dialogue. Richard Rorty said:

Inquiry that does not achieve coordination of behaviour is not inquiry but simply wordplay.