Designing for Emergence – Monitoring Collective Network Intelligence

Alberto Cottica presents the story of emergence in large, specialized social networks as the social technology necessary to address the wicked complexity of today’s societal problems.

Alberto’s analysis recognizes that citizen level participation could intervene as a powerful social force is guided (even “tweaked” as he says) by monitoring and reinforcing leverage points int . . . → Read More: Designing for Emergence – Monitoring Collective Network Intelligence

Imagining Canada’s Future

Canada’s research council for social science and humanities, SSHRC, funded six regional panels to understand and imagine possible futures for the country in a global context through the next two decades.  Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) at OCAD University led a panel for the Southern Ontario region, in partnership with University of Ontario Institute of Technology . . . → Read More: Imagining Canada’s Future

Oslo Seminar on System Thinking & Design

Organized by Birger Sevaldson, I’m at AHO speaking and meeting with a small workshop of people really dedicated to this developing area.

Same As It Ever Was

We have been in the same global mega-crisis for 50 years now. Two proposals were presented to the Club of Rome in 1969. The board selected the System Dynamics modeling project supported by Jay Forrester’s World Model, with the results published by Meadows, Meadows and Randers in 1972 as The Limits to Growth. The Club . . . → Read More: Same As It Ever Was