Healthcare Design as Extraordinary Service

Lisa Norton, a professor in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, conducted an interview with me earlier this year for Integral Leadership Review and also published it on her own Design Being.  Titled Healthcare Design as Extraordinary Service, its available both online and as a PDF article. Several paragraphs are included herein to bring this back home to . . . → Read More: Healthcare Design as Extraordinary Service

Fear and Loathing of Evidence in Design Research

Depending on the discourses you follow, you might notice “design-led everything” has charged ahead with design thinking, speculative and design futures, empathic HCD and so on. Design research and advanced methods have lagged in these discourses. Emerging designers could easily believe that a product/service business case can be supported by small-sample field observations and a keen sense of empathy . . . → Read More: Fear and Loathing of Evidence in Design Research

Service Design for Care Workshop

We have started a quarterly series of healthcare service design workshops at OCADU for stakeholder networks, health providers and health agencies.  With an explicit focus on service design and design-led research in healthcare, we hope to raise awareness of the practices and models for service design in clinical and community care settings.

Workshop 1 – Inspiring health . . . → Read More: Service Design for Care Workshop

Care as Design Practice

Simplifying a complex set of concepts into a central image. We might conceive a core value of caring as ontological, a mode of existence that human-centred practices may share with medicine, nursing, counseling, social work. This way of being might be central to design as service to society, humanity, and direct clients and stakeholders.

. . . → Read More: Care as Design Practice