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Design Dialogues is a publication of Peter Jones, managing partner of the innovation research firm Redesign Network.

I live and work in Toronto, as an associate professor at OCAD University, where I teach in the MDes Strategic Foresight and Innovation and the Design for Health programs. I teach innovation research methods, human factors and systems/systemic design courses and lead research in the Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab). The sLab builds upon the graduate teaching and research, with a track record in developing advanced practices in foresight and systemic design for socially-responsive innovation.  My research agenda has been connected to my practice for many years, and integrates the design of services, organizations and social systems in:



I founded Redesign Network in 2001, an innovation research / information service design firm with a network of associates in the US and Toronto.  Redesign specializes in systemic design for complex service systems, with a sector focus on professional practice and high-tech sectors, including clinical informatics, medical and higher education, and other complex work systems. We have recently merged with my US boutique firm, Dialogic Design International. For a decade DDI convened SDD and other co-creation workshops for long-horizon foresight planning, and innovation research for new governance and organizational transformation.

I’m a co-founder and co-chair, with Birger Sevaldson (AHO) and Alex Ryan (MaRS), the Systemic Design Research Network and Relating Systems Thinking and Design symposia. I’m honored to work with a worldwide practice network to advance the dialogic design practice and theory, for inclusive, multi-stakeholder participation in solution creation for wicked problems in global and civil society.

In my Rosenfeld book Design for Care, I develop and promote effective practices for designing better service experiences in healthcare.  As human beings, we are all “health seekers,” and as professionals we aim to co-create better health and care so that all members of society can flourish. All forms of care and caring in information, practice, environment, and services are to be considered in the quest for enhancing the human experience of health. Healthcare design concerns are presented not from a traditional user experience perspective, but from the lived experience and perspective of the patient, practitioner, and designer in the health field. Design for Care seeks to establish roles for information, service, and system designers as critical team members in the health professions, as necessary as other traditional roles in the healthcare system.

My Union Institute doctorate (2000) examined the relationship of organizational values embedded in innovation processes to the maintenance of power and decision control. This work inspired continuing research into the organizational dynamics of innovation, collaborative information practices, and how people think with and use information. My current management research involves changing organizational practices to enable reflective renewal to improve innovation and facilitate transformation.

My lifelong professional and social interests are to humanize systems and institutions, enabling harmonious futures co-created through collective wisdom. You can read more on my Publications page.

Twitter:     @redesign